Seven Simple Steps To Financial Freedom.

Budgeting, Saving, Eliminating Debt, Building Wealth.

“You can wander into debt but you can’t wander out!” - Dave Ramsey

Alan L Thomas

A Ramsey Preferred Coach

If you live paycheck to paycheck, I'm here to help you develop a spending plan that works;  an emergency fund to eliminate crisis living and a plan that eliminates debt and builds resources for the future.

The Coach.

For the last 20+ years, my wife and I have followed this same plan, and today we are 100% debt free and have complete financial freedom.  Let me help you do the same.

The Clients.

"I began searching for financial coaching soon after my husband and I were married. As the primary manager of money in our household, I felt overwhelmed and lacked knowledge when planning long-term financial goals. Alan Thomas has helped my husband and I begin an intentional journey to wealth and giving. His commitment to teaching and to building stronger financial unity between my husband and I has brought increased peace in our home and greater purpose to our everyday lives."
Richmond, KY

The Crisis Overcomer.

"When it came to my financial life, I found myself doing circles and never getting ahead. Unfortunately, an unforeseen life event happened and forced me to restart from ground zero.  Thankfully, Alan was there for me in this trying time. I didn’t know where to begin or even muster up the courage to even start period. He walked me through the steps I needed to take for the goals I’ve set in place. He guided me in the direction of achieving a healthier financial life and although life still happens, I at least have a strategy now to combat that thanks to him."
Brandenburg, KY


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